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3 Reasons Why You Should Be Conducting Video Interviews - Spark Hire

3 Reasons Why You Should Be Conducting Video Interviews - Spark HireHow many times have you had a phone interview and known a candidate was wrong for the job within 90 seconds? Chances are that its at least one too many. Lets take it a step further. Once you knew those phone interviews were headed in the wrong direction, how many times did you immediately hang up the phone? Unless you pulled a Cough Youre breaking up Cough, Cough, Im assuming its zero. And that my friends, is why phone screening is one of the most inefficient aspects of the hiring process. Fortunately, theres a solution and its called online video interviewing.There are two main types of video interviews. The first is known as a one way, or asynchronous, video interview. This involves a candidate recording video answers to an employers text based questions and the obvious benefit is that the hiring authority does not have to be physically present to ask the questions. The second type of video interview is a live vide o interview. In this interview, a candidate and employer connect face to face via webcam.Now that we know the different types of video interviews, lets dive right into 3 reasons why you should be conducting video interviews.1. You will save an unbelievable amount of time.Remember those 20-30 minutes you spent on the phone with the candidate who wasnt the right fit for the position? Conducting a one way video interview could have saved you those precious minutes. Simply type up your questions, send them to your candidates, and they will respond with video recorded answers. Since youre able to watch their answers at your convenience, you can simply close the interview if the candidate isnt cutting it. Sure it seems a little harsh, but lets face it. Our time is valuable and we cant afford to spend it on candidates who are clearly not going to work out.2. You will gain amazing insight on the candidate.I would be willing to be that if you looked at the majority of job descriptions and th e bagillions of lists on the most desired skills by recruiters, communication skills would be popping up everywhere. And this is no surprise Companies want and need effective communicators with great personalities to advance their businesses. With video interviews, you are able to not only hear, but also see a candidates communication skills and personality in action earlier in the hiring process. Furthermora, studies have shown that 55% of first impressions are based on body language, an impossible thing to measure on a phone interview.3. You will make incredibly smarter hiring decisions.The main purpose of a phone interview is to quickly evaluate a candidate in bestellung to make a decision on whether or not they should be advanced further along in the hiring process. If your candidate search is nationwide, or international, you will most likely be flying a candidate in for a final round of interviews. Dont you want to make sure you are investing money into the right candidates? A live video interview allows you to have a face to face conversation before you make the decision to bring the candidate in town. If you discover that the candidate isnt worth pursuing, you just saved your company a boatload of cash. Its also important to mention that video interviews will also help you make smarter decisions with local candidates. When a candidate visits your office for an in person interview, they are consuming your time. Conducting a video interview before the in person interview enables you to spend your time more wisely by only inviting the best candidates for in person interviews.BONUS You will have extremely happy candidates.Video interviews arent only beneficial for employers, the benefits of video interviews for job seekers are plentiful. For one, candidates love that they are able to participate in the interviews from the comfort of their own home and with one way video interviews, on their own time.Looking at the reasons listed above, its easy to see how conducting video interviews can be a very effective way to save time, money, and make smarter hiring decisions. Its no wonder the use of video in the hiring process increased by 320% from 2010 to 2011. So if youre reading this and dreading all of the phone interviews you still have to conduct today (or if youre reading this while on a phone interview), its time to consider making online video interviews a part of your hiring process.

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Job Placement Tests

Job sitzordnung TestsJob Placement TestsPlacement tests assess what jobs are best for a person based on his personality, skills, and/or interests. Placement tests are useful for people who are just starting out in the workforce and unsure of their interests, or for people looking for a career change. If youve ever felt uncertain about what schriftart of job is right for you, or felt directionless in your job search, you may find it helpful to take a career placement test. Where Can You Find and Take Free Job Placement Tests? Tests vary in length, type of questions, and specificity of results. They also vary in cost. A number of websites offer free placement tests, but often charge money if the test-taker wants to receive an in-depth analysis of his test results. Career centers offer placement tests, and a number of job search books include tests. Be sure to select a placement test from a creditable source in order to receive the most reliable results. How Do Placement Tests Wo rk? There are several different types of placement tests, all of which approach the goal of determining the best career for the test taker differently. Some placement tests are personality-driven, such as the Meyers-Briggs, which evaluates your personality type to predict which careers will (and will not) be a good fit for you. Other tests aim to match up the soft skills and hard skills required by a given career with your own skills and interests. There are also talent assessment and aptitude tests, which seeks to measure your skills. Be aware that placement tests are only one way in which to discover the career that is right for you. Ultimately, experience (either through job shadowing, an internship, or an informational interview) will tell you whether or not a specific career is a good fit. Should You Take a Placement Test? While some exams (think high school finals or the SATs) are mainly associated with feelings of dread and anxiety, other tests can be more fun. If youve ever taken a Buzzfeed quiz to find out which character in Harry Potter youre most like, youll understand that exploring your own personality and skills can be lots of fun. But of course, a placement exam can offer you some potentially actionable information that will help you as a job applicant. Placement exams are a useful way to open up new possibilities. You may be very skilled at comparing things and spotting errors, and not realize that makes you the perfect match for a job in quality assurance, where finding mistakes and places where a product doesnt match up to specs is vital. Before you take a placement exam, a few considerations to keep in mind As mentioned before, placement exams can only point you in a certain direction. Only actual experience will reveal if the career suits your interests and skills. On a related note, a person can be talented in a certain area, but not necessarily enjoy it - or, may enjoy it as a hobby or occasional task, but not want to participate in it as a career. As well, its possible to be very interested in a career, but unfortunately not have the skills and background knowledge, experience, and education to be a reasonable applicant. Finally, placement tests are only as accurate as the information you provide, so while you may wish to answer questions in a way thats flattering, be as honest as possible to get the most accurate results. A placement test is not a magical solution for your uncertainty over which career is right for you. But, taking one can potentially open up possibilities that you may not have already considered, and engages you in considering your own skills, talents, and interests, which is hugely important for a successful job search.

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Industrial Machinery Resume Template 2018s Top Format

Industrial Machinery Resume Template 2018s Top FormatIndustrial Machinery Resume Template - 2018s Top FormatCreate ResumeGrace West100 Main Street, Cityplace, CA, 91019I(555) 322-7337 example-emailexample.comSummaryElectrician Welder Rigger Bluepring Electrical Schematic Analysis Mechanical Engineering Installation of High Tech Cameras, Sound Alarm Systems Warehouse Engineering Electronics Engineering Industrial Equipment Repair Service Project Management Problem Solving/Multitasking High End Technical Support Sales Client Contract, Management Support Crane Repair Computer Skills Diesel Gasoline Truck Repair Maintenance Referrals References will be provided upon request.ExperienceSENIOR MAINTENANCE TECHNICIAN 01/2006 to 01/2009 PEORIA, ILPrimary duties include troubleshooting variable frequency AC/DC drives, M.G.burning table, Plasma repair, Mazak repair, saw repair and CNC machinery repair.Also performed all crane troubleshooting, maintenance and repair.Managed job ticket s electronically.Laid-off in April due to economic conditions.SERVICE TECHNICIAN 01/2003 to 01/2006 PETER*S INDUSTRIAL TRUCK ZIONSVILLE, INPrimary duties include installation and maintenance of new and used equipment, rebuilding existing equipment, troubleshooting, sales and customer support.SIGNATURE SERVICE TECHNICIAN 01/2002 to 01/2003 INDIANAPOLIS, INPrimary duties include installation and maintenance of new and used equipment, rebuilding existing equipment, troubleshooting, sales and customer support.AFTER MARKET MANAGER 01/2001 to 01/2002 PEORIA, ILPrimary duties include managing all after market service, parts, rentals demos, as well as monitoring CFPM account, dispatch technicians, warranty returns, payroll time sheet analysis, flat rate warranty coding, response time tracking, sales for afer market, assisting in new equipment sales, van inventory control, scheduled maintenance monitoring, consignment inventory sales, core returns, and hiring training of after market p ersonnel.PRESIDENT/OWNER 01/1996 to 01/2001 ADAMS MATERIAL HANDLING, INC MOORESVILLE, INPrimary duties include managing all phases of company operations, sales and servicing of new accounts, parts, rentals demos, organizing and dispatching technicians, contracting third party equipment sources for assistance with high-end installations, installation and maintenance of new used equipment, obtaining vendor sources for parts, negotiating service contracts, project management and hiring and training of all personnel.EducationU.S. Navy Business Management Crown Certified TechnicianITT Technical Institute Auto Truck Repair Electronics Raymond Certified Technician AC Electronics for Mitsubishi Trained at Target, Morris Street on Alvie Conveyor Systems Kosan Sorter Systems Monarch CNC School Mazak Laser Repair Cincinnati Press Brake Shear Repair Midco Pallet Changer Hyster Forklift Training Mitisubishi AC Forklift Training SkillsCustomize ResumeMore Installation and Maintenance Res umesExperienced Mechanics Resume Templates

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7 tips to find the right industry, position for your next career move

7 tips to find the right industry, stelle for your next career move7 tips to find the right industry, position for your next career moveDont have an accidental life or career. Often mora planning goes into a summer vacation than a 40-year career or 90-year life. Spend purposeful time creating an actionable plan for your next career move and you can trade the treadmill to nowhere for fulfillment.1. Know Your ValuesIf you are considering making a career change and arent sure where to start, start with what you know best. Nobody knows you better than YOU.Recommit to your values your principles or standards on what is so important such that living these values makes you more fulfilled than anything else.Values are principles or standards of behavior your judgment on what matters most in life. Examples of values include Balance, Autonomy, Freedom. Creativity, Listening, Humor, Family etc. Write down your values.2. List Your Transferable SkillsTransferable skills fall into the three cate gories 1) Communication speaking effectively, writing concisely, customer service, selling, building consensus, etc. 2) Organization of Information forecasting and predicting, creating ideas, setting goals, creating solutions, etc. 3) Operating of Systems and Equipment install software, engineer systems, Coordinate equipment interfaces, building things, etc.Make a list of these skills. Match the prospective job description to these skills and highlight measurable accomplishments in these skill areas in your cover letters and resumes.Get a free e-book that shows you how to define your values, strengths and transferable skills here Eight Tips to Find the Right Industry and Position for Your Next Career Movehere.3.Define Your Leadership Signature StrengthsFree online assessments can help guide you to discover aspects of your personality, character, emotional intelligence, learning style and preferences to help you make an informed career decision especially one that involves changi ng industries or roles. If you tend toward being strategic and creative you wont enjoy a more task-specific role and vice versa. On a more finite level if you are more results and analytical you will want to build awareness of noticing emotions in your colleagues thus increasing compassion. These tools help you build your self-awareness, therefore, elevating your emotional intelligence.4. Discover Your Future PullYour future pull is not your next job but a career position that calls out to you. You feel compelled to do this work because it matters. The issues you address in this role need to be tackled by you because it is purposeful to you. You are the best person ever suited to do this work because of your leadership signature.Not doing it would leave you unfulfilled. Answer the following question What do I want to be said at my retirement dinner by 1) a friend, 2) a work colleague and.3) my family?5.Start a Company Watch ListCreate a listof organizations within your community or virtually that have opportunities for you. Look for lists of the largest employers in your city, as well as best places to work awards, and awards from young professionals organizations. Dont forget to include surrounding communities in your keyword search there might be a great employer just one town over who doesnt show up when you do your original search.Networking is key to finding a job- and when youre moving to a new community, the more people you can get to know, the better. Research Service Clubs and Meetup Groups and musiknote which companies have lots of members.6. Start a Network ListLet your friends, family and even general acquaintances know about your search. See if they know anyone who knows anyone who might be able to give you some leads on potential employment.Members of the groups you have researched tend to be community leaders and often have the inside scoop on whos hiring, even if the posting isnt public. By learning the names and associations of these individua ls, youll have a better understanding of who you should get to know. Add these contacts to a Network List which will function much like your Watch List.Do a search on LinkedIn to see if any of your connections have relationships in the companies on your Watch List. Ask for a casual introduction. Dont make it a sales pitch or pressure them for career leads just let them know youre researching new opportunities and want to meet new people during the transition. Dont randomly ask people to connect. That will turn people away.7. Try It OnTake your Watch and Network lists and create a Top Five List of people and companies you know of that fit each Industry. Include social networks when doing this such as LinkedIn. Search company names and notice who is already working in those companies that you know.Call or set up a meeting with people you know from these companies. Ask them if they can share insight into the culture of the company. Dont ask them to recommend you. Allow them to suggest that to you based on your interest in THEM and THEIR COMPANY.Reach out to people on LinkedIn with a glaubenszeugnis such as thisHi Jason. I see that you are working for (XWZ Company) and I wonder if you might share a little about the culture of the company. I am researching companies that align with my personal values and strengths. I see that (mention something you noted from their website or organizational values) and that very much interests me because I have experience doing that.Join a MeetUp Group in the industry that interests you. Develop relationships. Ask if you can job shadow for a day. Get to know leaders. Volunteer there.Search opportunities on online jobs boards such as Indeed, ZipRecruiter, and Idealistor set up a daily agent to notify you when a position comes available with your keywords.Volunteer in a line of work that interests you for a non-profit organization. They are always seeking volunteers. This is a great place to try out a new skill.Offer to freelance for a company you are interested in working for so that they may try you on before they buy.Update each resume and cover letter for each position you seek. Position your key strengths and transferable skills noted in this report.MaryLeeGannon, ACC, CAEis an executive coach and corporate CEO who helps busy leaders get off the treadmill to nowhere to be more effective, earn more, bemore calm and enjoyconnected relationships with the people who matter while it still matters.Watch her FREE Master Class training on Three Things to Transform Your Life and Career Right Now

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Tips for Job Hunting in a Challenging Job Market

Tips for Job Hunting in a Challenging Job MarketTips for Job Hunting in a Challenging Job MarketExperts Offer Advice to Unemployed in a challenging Job Market, a two-parte article filled with advice on managing a job search in the current work market.Keep reading to learn more about job hunting in a challenging job marketThe article mentions that the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports job searches are taking six and a half months on average (the longest since 1948 when they started tracking this stat). The article addressesestablishing a budget,fixing up your resume,looking at your online persona,networking,being open to options like freelancing and telecommuting, andways to stay positive.Read part 1 and part 2 of this fantastic article

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The Importance of Professional Profile Example

The Importance of Professional Profile Example Lets examine some of the company profile examples to comprehend how to develop the ideal sort of profile for your organization. A profile serves to show what youve got to offer you an employer what you will do for the business in the future. Creating your company profile can be simple, if youre clear about your enterprise strategy and client segment. A well-written company profile is a powerful approach to introduce the business to the possible clients and other stakeholders. Project Managers should know a selection of topics, including information technology, advertising, and construction, based on the facts of their undertaking. As the very first section the recruitment officer reads, its arguably the fruchtwein crucial, in many ways. Be certain to include any additional, relevant training you have gotten. Project Managers work in an organization to spearhead certain projects. Include research experience and publications tha t youve been involved in. Career Change A self-starter and fast learner. fruchtwein Noticeable Professional Profile Example Lets look at some fantastic examples. The profile isnt a succession of sentences, but instead a series strategically placed words and phrases. A good mix of the abilities and goals which you have without the overuse of Ican help to create your private profile wind up being a good one. Your work history should take up most of your resume. Using Professional Profile Example The resume profile is among the crucial elements of a good teaching resume. The fantastic thing about this section of the profile statement is you most likely already have a concept of what your specialty is. A thriving application is only the very first step. In the event you be have a rough time condensing your abilities and experiences in 46 lines, write your private profile last. Professional Profile Example - Is it a Scam? It tells you nothing more than that which the person i s on the lookout for and little about what they are able to bring to the position. Give it a go on your resume To earn a strong first impression and set yourself apart from different jobseekers, you have to make certain all the information on your resume is pertinent to the job which youre applying for. Look at applying for a position for a receptionist. A profile is very helpful if youve got a work history thats unrelated to your present career goals it gives you the ability to highlight only your most relevant experience. You must also have your achievements in your previous customer tafelgeschirr positions. With the correct training you can be prepared to commence this career very quickly. Every year theres a UCAS fair where universities from all around the country come together to promote themselves to be able to acquire more students. Then youll determine which one is ideal for you as a way to create one for your own resume. You are going to have the option of choosi ng whether you want to get identified or stay anonymous in the last profile. You are able to visit the organizations About Us section and rewrite a couple of lines of the description. Lets use a few hypothetical companies as examples of a company profile and the kind of information which should be included like the name of the organization, place, description and other particulars. What You Need to Know About Professional Profile Example Your profile ought to be customized to coordinate with the qualifications the employer is seeking. You will be able to select the template for the position you will need to apply. A personal profile statement is a critical part of your CV, and its a quick statement outlining your own personal characteristics. Thus, a well-written profile statement can result in a successful interview. On the two-page sample resume format above, you will see that theSummary of Qualifications together with Other Qualifications show up on the very first page sin ce they are definitely the most important portion of your resume. A specialist profile summary is nearly always best. A resume summary or career prole is a short statement at the peak of your resume.

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The Benefits of Job Resume Examples

The Benefits of Job Resume Examples The Honest to Goodness Truth on Job Resume Examples Employers search for staff that have a history of creating positive contributions. Youre probably creative. My comprehension of the plastic company is extremely slim. With some essential info in the appropriate order, everyone can create one. If you enjoy the design on our site, please dont be afraid to visit again and get inspiration from all the houses in the plan of our netz design. You have to offer relevant, concise details. The New Angle On Job Resume Examples Just Released All youll need is fundamental computer abilities and the capacity to talk marginally clearly on the telephone. Anyway, youll certainly like our price policy. Its possible for you to mention your upcoming education plans too. When you realise that the time isnt enough, you start to work more productively. You may display your work history, but in addition fill in more space by talking about your abilities and other knowledge youve got. To find experience, you want to construct a strong one, yet to create a strong one, you will need experience. Its possible to find experience by frequently practicing on the web too. Definitions of Job Resume Examples You will possibly discover some helpful approaches or information to help you in your Squidoo journey. The actual folks highly praise our essay help site. You can trust the ideal essay help online. Key Pieces of Job Resume Examples All of these are positive. Summer jobs are a little bit different from regular jobs, however, since they frequently have a set end date, and since they take place on a busy, social season thats dominated by vacations and holidays. You might also have a look at the process to compose a resignation letter. Below you will understand a sample resignation letter which will help exemplify the way that you ought to render work. A resume summary gutachten is a good method to swiftly demonstrate the empl oyer why youre a strong candidate. Beneath youll locate a few additional suggestions to take under consideration about writing a resignation letter. Employers can learn all they will need to understand about a candidate from their school performance, which means that your Education section should reflect well on you. Career Objectives are excellent for resumes with a particular purpose. In a lot of ways, applying for a summer job is exactly like applying for any position candidates will need to show they have the necessary skills. An interview could also be needed to land the job, but a resume is vital to begin the practice. Be certain the skills are related to the job that you desire. Locating the job from the present market is quite competitive than you believe. Key Pieces of Job Resume Examples Others actually favor resignation letters in a few of sentences instead of expressions. Try to remember you have to ask someone to serve as a reference before it is possible to list them as one. To begin with, ensure youre acquainted with the fundamentals of writing a cover letter.